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Relabelling & Production



Your order should be no less than 50 pieces (approx 6-10 packs) 
You can add a mixture of any styles from any category you like E.G. dresses, tops, skirts, bodysuits etc... 
You will need to send us your labels  

There will be a cost of 50p per garment for re-labelling service and repacking which equals £25.00 for 50 pieces. 

Labelling will take approximately 2-3 days, depending on when we receive your labels and tags. 


We are a Designer, Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Women's clothing company based in London.We source fabrics from all around the world as well as in UK and able to find fabrics to meet customers need. Our London and UK manufacturing facility enables us to check there is no compromise on quality & we can be pretty quick on delivery. We are in position to custom-make or provide exclusive designs to our customers. We supply to many customers in UK & Europe either from our own designs or manufacture their designs.

Please get in touch if you are interested to go in to production or Relabelling. Contact Us